13th ISNS European Regional Meeting, Luxembourg

23-26 March 2025

Newborn Screening LIVE from the Heart of Europe

Monument du Souvenir (Gëlle Fra)
Fort Thüngen
Vue hivernale sur la vieille ville de Luxembourg et le quartier du Grund
En avant-plan: église du Grund, Centre culturel de rencontre Abbaye de Neumunster, rocher du Bock et Schlassbréck.
Müllerthal - Schiessentümpel
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Welcome !

Welcome from the Chair of the Local Organising Committee

I’m delighted that the 13 th ISNS European Regional 2025 meeting will now take place live in the Grand
Duchy of Luxembourg at the European Convention Centre located in the Convention Park. The elegant
and spacious ECCL has excellent conference facilities and prides itself on its green credentials including
accessibility and sustainability. It is a great place for networking.
We have planned a wide ranging symposium programme including multi-‘omics, the latest in screening
for and treating neuromuscular disorders, cystic fibrosis and sharing newborn screening experiences
across Europe. A new initiative in 2025 will be ISNS Academy 101, a small pre-meeting before the main
conference for those setting up newborn screening anew or those who have worked in the area for a
short time. The theme will be on establishing a quality newborn screening service with practical
presentations from experienced speakers to stimulate in depth discussions. We anticipate that this
Academy will be the first of a series tailored to specific needs around the world.
In conclusion, mark your calendars and come and join us in Luxembourg, 23-26 th March 2025!

Kate Hall
Chair, Local Organising Committee



Greetings from the ISNS President

As President of the ISNS it is great honour for me to invite you to Luxembourg for the 13th ISNS
European Regional Meeting to be held from March 23 rd to 26 th 2025.
2020 has been a year of great challenge and it is a tribute to the dedication and commitment of those
in the newborn screening community that services have, by and large, been well maintained and
children have continued to benefit from the life changing interventions offered by screening. It is on
that basis that we aim to press ahead to refine and extend this benefit to more and more children and
to cover a greater number of conditions.
This Conference, which will be attractive to many, will emphasise the collaborative nature of progress
with a theme of 'Newborn Screening - working together in the heart of Europe.' It remains a time of
great opportunity and promise with new treatments driving the need for early detection and new
technologies allowing us to rise to that challenge and we will hear more of this during the meeting.
Patricia Borde, President of the Conference and Kate Hall, Chair of the organising committee are
committed to creating a unique opportunity for networking in a participative style in this important
event for the newborn screening screening community in 2021.
The cultural sophistication of Luxembourg will provide a stimulating backdrop to this important
conference and I look forward to welcoming you in person to the meeting.

Jim Bonham, PhD
ISNS President



Greetings from the President of the 13th ISNS European Regional meeting

On behalf of the International Society for Neonatal Screening and the Local Organizing Committee it
is my pleasure to invite you to join us in Luxembourg for the 13th ISNS European Regional Meeting
in March 2025.
We are more than enthusiastic to welcome you to our small but charming country of Luxembourg. As
a cosmopolitan crossroads at the centre of Europe, the Grand Duchy is a melting-pot of nationalities,
cultures and languages. Openness to the outside world is a key element of the Luxembourg model of
society where integration is an everyday reality.
Therefore, the theme of our next meeting ‘Newborn screening LIVE in the heart of Europe’ reflects
exactly what we aim to implement during this time, building and strengthening networks, discussing
and exchanging experiences from all over the world. It will be an opportunity to share expertise and
hear of new developments and of course to meet our colleagues.
Join us in Luxembourg in 2025 for what will undoubtedly be a spectacular meeting.
Kind regards,
Patricia Borde
ISNS 2025

Local Organising Committee

Patricia Borde (Luxembourg)

David Cheillan (France)

Dominique Bourgeois (Luxembourg)

France Debaugnies (Luxembourg)

Eugenie Dekkers (Netherlands)

Kate Hall (United KIngdom, chair)

Viktor Kožich (Czech Republic)

Giancarlo La Marca (Italy)

Raquel Yahyaoui (Spain)

Rolf Zetterström (Sweden)

Scientific Committee

Jim Bonham (UK) chair
Mei Baker (USA)
Roberto Giugliani (Brazil)
Kate Hall (UK)
Seema Kapoor (India)
Issam Khneisser (Lebanon)
Gerard Loeber (Netherlands)
Dave Millington (USA)
Kostas Petritis (USA)
Iveta Sosova (Canada)
Peter Schielen (Netherlands)
Lesley Tetlow (UK)
Brad Therrell (USA)
Dianne Webster (NZ)
Veronica Wiley (AUS)
Rolf Zetterstrom (Sweden)


MCI Geneva
c/o Mrs Gaëlle Notzli

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